Meeting of the Parks Committee

Held in the Mayors Parlour at the Civic Centre, Stourport-on-Severn 2.00PM on Tuesday 27TH July 2021 


Councillors: D Little; V M Higgs; R Lloyd; D Russell; G M Talbot                                                                   

Officers: Mrs S Saunders (Town Clerk)

1.             Appointment of Chairman

It was RESOLVED that Councillor Little be appointed as Chairman of the Parks Committee for the current municipal year.


 There were no apologies for absence.

3.             MINUTES

It was RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 21st January 2021 be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. 


Councillor Lloyd declared an Other Disclosable Interest in Agenda Item No. 6 as he had met with a resident about a piece of land on Areley Kings Recreation Ground

5.             WAR MEMORIAL PARK

 a.             Hayter Mower

The Town Clerk informed Members that the Hayter Mower, which had been purchased in 2017, had been sold for £2,422.  The mower had not been used as many times as thought when purchased and since taking over assets from Wyre Forest District Council under the Localism agenda, it was more beneficial to the Town Council to use the current contractor for mowing.  Members were satisfied with the sale.

b.             Management Plan 2022 – 2032

The Town Clerk informed Members that the current Management Plan ran expired in 2022.  A discussion took place and it was agreed that a new plan be put in place but more condensed than the current one had been prepared to gain Green Flag status.  However, at the Town Couincil meeting on 8th January 2019, it had been decided that the Town Council would not progress the Green Flag status as it added no benefit to the Council.  The restoration of the bandstand would still be included.  It was agreed that the Town Clerk would prepare a new plan and together with the Parks & Cemetery Superintendent would monitor it.

Councillor Lloyd left the meeting at this point, (2.09pm).


The Town Clerk advised Members that there was a piece of land on the side of the Areley Kings Recreation Ground which was unregistered but someone had claimed it was under their ownership but no proof could be given.  The Town Clerk had been in touch with Areley Kings Village Hall and The Scouts Association to reiterate that no one should be allowed access to the ground unless prior approval had been given by the Town Council. A discussion took place on the security of the site and it was agreed that security posts would be installed on land near to the scout hut for which a quotation had been received.

Councillor Lloyd came back to the meeting at this point, (2.19pm).


A request was made for an extra litter bin on Areley Kings Recreation Ground.  The Town Clerk would ask the Parks & Cemetery Superintendent to order.

The meeting closed 2.23pm.